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Experience the power of our live streaming CDN, a cornerstone of our major services. With unwavering reliability and exceptional cost-effectiveness, we deliver seamless content distribution to global audiences. Trust in our robust infrastructure to elevate your live streaming experience, reaching viewers efficiently and captivating them with your content.

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Live Stream CDN

We offer a scalable and customizable CDN service to our customers, utilizing our native CDN platform.

HTML5 Video Player for all browsers (HLS Player)

Video Conversion and Multi-bitrate

SRT – RTMP – UDP – HLS (Ingest and Fallback)

Easy Multicasting to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Telegram and etc.

Cost-Effective Live Streaming for Unmatched Reach and Reliability

Mastercast CDN (Content Delivery Network) stands out as one of the most cost-effective and reliable live streaming platforms available today. With its comprehensive features and exceptional value, our CDN service empowers broadcasters to reach wider audiences while maintaining top-notch performance. Integrated seamlessly with our cloud playout automation, it offers a complete solution for streamlined content delivery.

Unleashing the Power of Live Streaming:
Our basic plan includes an impressive 5 TB traffic allocation, providing generous bandwidth for broadcasting needs. Users can effortlessly stream to our live streaming host using industry-standard protocols such as RTMP, SRT, and UDP. We take it a step further by restreaming their feeds to various platforms, including RTMP servers, YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, UDP, Zixi, SRT, and more, enabling broadcasters to maximize their audience reach with minimal effort.

Unparalleled Uptime and Reliability:
With a remarkable 99.99% uptime guarantee, Mastercast CDN ensures that your live streams are delivered seamlessly and without interruption. We understand the importance of reliability in the broadcasting industry, and our robust infrastructure and optimized network ensure that your content reaches viewers consistently, building trust and engagement.

Flexible Testing and Seamless Adoption:
To further enhance user experience, we offer the opportunity to test our CDN service within your target audience before making a purchase commitment. This ensures compatibility, performance, and audience satisfaction. Once satisfied with the results, you can seamlessly integrate our CDN into your broadcasting workflow, maximizing your content’s potential.

Comprehensive Features and Integration:
In addition to its core functionality, Mastercast CDN provides a range of essential features. Our monitoring system keeps you informed about the performance of your live streams, enabling proactive adjustments and troubleshooting. A native HTML5 player and iframe support are available for effortless integration into your websites or platforms. With our CDN service seamlessly integrated with our cloud playout automation, you can streamline your content delivery and management under one unified solution.

Mastercast CDN sets a new standard for cost-effective and reliable live streaming platforms. With its generous traffic allocation, support for various protocols, extensive restreaming capabilities, and exceptional uptime, it empowers broadcasters to expand their reach and engage with audiences on multiple platforms. Take advantage of our flexible testing options and seamlessly integrate our CDN with our cloud playout automation for a comprehensive broadcasting solution. Trust Mastercast CDN to deliver your live streams with unmatched performance and reliability, elevating your broadcasting capabilities to new heights.

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Experience our service before making a purchase. We believe in the value of trying before committing. Take advantage of our trial period and witness firsthand the quality and benefits of our offerings. It’s your chance to ensure a perfect fit for your needs and make an informed decision. Start exploring today and discover the difference firsthand.

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