Terms and Conditions

  1. Content Responsibility: As a customer of Mastercast, you are solely responsible for the content you stream. Mastercast does not assume any liability for the licensing, legality, or other related issues of the content you broadcast.

  2. Content Restrictions: Customers are strictly prohibited from streaming violent media or any content that is harmful to children or individuals under legal age. We uphold high moral standards and comply with all legal requirements. Any content that violates the law or ethical guidelines is not allowed.

  3. Account Security: Customers are responsible for safeguarding their Playout and CDN credentials. It is essential to maintain the confidentiality of these credentials and not share them with unauthorized individuals.

  4. Service Cancellation: If you wish to cancel your service with Mastercast, please provide us with a one-month notice in advance. This allows us to facilitate a smooth transition and make necessary arrangements.

  5. CDN Traffic and Content Storage: The usage of CDN traffic and content storage is limited based on your ordered plan. If you require additional CDN traffic or content storage, please inform our support department. Please note that extra charges may apply.

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