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Our Turnkey Solution is the epitome of convenience and efficiency. With our comprehensive package, we provide everything you need for seamless broadcasting. From cloud playout automation to live streaming CDN, our turnkey solution covers hardware, software, storage, and network management. Experience a hassle-free broadcasting experience with our integrated services, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional content while we take care of the rest.


Cloud Playout

By collaborating with Avmeda Technology, we offer the most user-friendly and compatible web-based playout automation.

• Playout Automation with Web user interface

• Graphic Generator with full web UI access

• Playlist Scheduler with video preview, easy trimer and playlist options

• Web-based File uploader and Media Assets Management


The major software to play pre-recorded and live video files from playlist


Designing software to add logo, text, animation, clock and more to the video


Create your unlimited daily playlist to start it on-time or play it manually

File Manager

HTML Uploader which supports videos and graphic objects

Empowering Seamless Broadcasting with Cloud Playout Automation and CDN Live Streaming

Mastercast’s Turnkey Solution is a comprehensive service that revolutionizes broadcasting by combining cloud playout automation and CDN live streaming into a single, integrated package. With a focus on convenience and efficiency, our turnkey solution covers all aspects of broadcasting, including hardware, software, storage, CDN, service quality, security, and network management.

Streamlined Access and Content Upload:
With our secure web access link, customers can effortlessly log in to the system using their unique username and password. Uploading content is made easy, whether through the convenient HTTP uploader or the reliable FTP protocol, providing a seamless experience for content management.

Web-Based Playout Automation:
Our web-based playout automation gives users full control over their TV channels. From managing live sources to uploading video content, users can easily manipulate their channel’s programming. They have the ability to show or hide graphic objects such as logos, texts, animations, and more, ensuring dynamic and engaging visual experiences.

Flexible Playlist Management:
Creating playlists for future programming is a breeze with our turnkey solution. Users can effortlessly load daily playlists or manually create custom playlists to automate their broadcasting schedule. This flexibility allows for efficient content management and ensures smooth transitions between programs.

Cloud CG for Dynamic Graphics:
Within our turnkey solution, the Cloud CG feature empowers users to create visually stunning graphic projects for their channels. With a user-friendly interface and advanced tools, users can design complex graphics that captivate audiences and elevate the visual quality of their broadcasts.

Seamless Content Delivery with CDN Platform:
Our turnkey solution includes an integrated CDN platform, providing users with a range of options to share their content with their audience. Whether it’s via HLS link, RTMP link, or native HTML5 player, the CDN platform ensures smooth and reliable content delivery, allowing broadcasters to reach their viewers effortlessly.

Mastercast’s Turnkey Solution offers a complete broadcasting package, taking care of every aspect, from hardware and software to storage, CDN, and more. With our secure web access, user-friendly interface, and advanced features like cloud playout automation and CDN live streaming, broadcasters can streamline their operations and deliver high-quality, engaging content to their audience. Experience the power and convenience of our turnkey solution and take your broadcasting to new heights.

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